A little nervous over here as I am stepping way out of my comfort zone and changing stuff up. That is so scary, but really, exactly what I teach on a daily basis. My blogging comfort zone has been Yoga Addicted for the last decade or so, but has waned a ton in the last couple of years. With the birth of my 4th child, Yoga Addicted was like the sad puppy that didn't get any attention after the human baby was born. Pushed outside to fend for itself, Yoga Addicted has really taken up a spot in the way back yard.

I feel like, I am also growing and changing and maybe not so Yoga Addicted any more. I still love yoga, don't get me wrong. I just don't have the time to be addicted like I once was. Now, I have a much simpler relationship with yoga, a more mature one. Yoga knows what I need, hands it to me without being demanding or judgmental. Which, really, is what yoga is right? No more fighting with my body or my mind. I am done with that jazz! I am ready to grow, use my knowledge to help myself grow safely and strongly and to help others do the same. I am now, Amrita, I am now trying to squeeze all the juicy nectar from this life. I am now all about drinking wine, doing yoga, eating whatever makes me happy in the moment and not giving a shit about "shoulding" all over myself. And, I find that it is now my mission to help others achieve this same amazing juicy life. 

So whether you need help, or just need a companion, a partner in crime, I am here to help, listen or just hang out. 




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Mandy Wozniak