You know the old saying "I'd rather have one shiny penny than 100 tarnished ones" don't you? 

It's funny, because I feel like the first part of our lives we spend really trying to accumulate pennies, then about mid-way (or maybe sooner) you realize it's not about how many you have. You start to really cherish the ones you do have. You treat them better, and in turn they start to mean more and more to you. You make sure to take care of them, not drop them or lose them. You try damn hard not to lose them, where once upon a time you may have thought..."It's just a penny". 

This day and age, with social media being so prevalent, I feel like people are becoming desensitized to each other. Not really caring about taking care of one another because, it's just a name on a screen. Another picture to look at or story to read, almost like laughing at or making fun of a book. Except, the real is, that there is another human behind that screen. Another soul, another life, with feelings, that reads the things you post, the words you type. 

If you were to sit and think before you respond or cut someone down, would you really say or do that if that person where in front of you? Would you talk to them that way? Would you talk to yourself that way?

I notice just in the "little" yoga community where I do a lot of hanging out online, how much hate gets spewed. How much reaction without thinking, and it is very ironic to me. These are people that are preaching love and acceptance while at the same time dissing others for not "being real yogis" or "not being yogi enough".  Cool it people, Here is another old saying 

"If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all"

Mandy Wozniak