Single Tasking

All summer I have been multi-tasking like crazy. I have been teaching yoga, planning a retreat, trying to self-promote my Thai bodywork, do actual Thai bodywork, waiting tables, bartending, trying to keep my kids active and entertained and cleaning the house, sometimes even working in the yard. Needless to say, I'm slipping. Not one of these jobs is being done 100%, mostly because I am tired. Exhausted. 

So imagine my excitement the other day when I heard the concept of single-tasking. Doing one thing at a time, putting your all into it, and doing it 100%. Then guess what? You move to the NEXT item on your agenda. Instead of doing laundry, writing a blog post, cleaning the kitchen and playing half-assed sit your ass down and really write. You put your all into that blog post, and then you stop. Move on after to laundry. Sit and fold ALL THE CLOTHES, put away, etc. Isn't this a crazy concept?

We are so conditioned to believe we aren't being successful unless we have all the balls in the air at once. Well, guess what? I am a really shitty juggler. I need permission to slow down and do one thing at a time. Do you? HERE IT IS! Slow your ass down and single task! You actually might decide that it works for you. If you like making lists, or keeping an hour by hour journal (not) you could even plan our your entire day. Or, if you are like me, you just move from one task to the other, slow down and dare I say ENJOY it? Take some slow breaths, close your eyes and relax through any given task. Actually PLAY Barbie, sit and listen. Get involved. Stop washing stuff your children leave in their pockets, scrub hidden crevices, revel in forgotten veggies in the back of the fridge. Be HERE NOW. Then, move on.