What triggers you? What makes you want to curl up into a ball, turn off the lights and sleep for days? Overwhelm, loss, frustration, anger? 

How do you cope when this happens? What are your default modes? Drinking, sleeping, sex, whining?

As a whole WE are very uncomfortable with being uncomfortable. So, our default modes are just like a prescription from the Doctor to ease ailments we ALREADY have, put a bandaid on them, and hopefully ease the pain temporarily. They in NO WAY cure the root of the problem. That wine tonight, will not deal with anything when we wake up. Sleeping and being locked away won't either. 

What if we looked at our mental health, like something that needs to be treated BEFORE we start to have problems. What if we used diet, meditation, exercise and self-care to treat our beautiful temples before symptoms arise? 

I will tell you. It will NOT stop symptoms from arising. What it will do, however, the more you stick to your self-care routines with consistency, will make it easier to turn to these healthy alternatives when you need to HEAL. When you are at the verge and about to lose your shit, your brain and muscle memory will take you to the massage therapist, urge you to drink a green juice. You will start to make different decisions based on those "good feeling" memories, instead of the bad ones ie hangovers, guilt, walks of shame etc. 

Your default modes will start to shift with consistency. You will still get blue, you will still have bad days, but, with a little more hope, a little more sunshine peeking out from behind the clouds. 

Think of it as a PRE scription. True healing, not patching.