Finding it

I'm in the process of trying to find the hustle.

I am a great worker when working for others, tell me what to do and I will do it. I will think about it after work, on the weekends. I will promote your ideas, your business. Talk it up to friends, ask for donations or money. I will share on Facebook, repost on Instagram. Why don't you ask me to do more? I will help you, and I will enjoy it. 

When it comes to me though. I tend to bow out. I have the tendency to have great ideas, maybe go a little and then lose steam. A kid or two need something and I drop the ball. A pickup needs to happen, or a rehearsal runs late. There is always something. Always. And if all of that starts to subside, guess what? Mama needs a hot bath, a nap and a glass of bubbles.

How do I work for myself. How do I promote me? I thought it would be as simple as just asking for some shares, some likes. Word of mouth. Guess what? It's not so easy. I have to actually put myself out there, sell myself. Okay, that sounds bad. But, you know what I mean. I am my product. I am the THING that I'm selling. 

A product of over 15 years in constant research, training and beta testing. So now, here I am to sell my product. It works! It really works! This product can help you loosen your body, stretch, strengthen, relieve stress and learn to smile more. What more could you want with a product??

An hour with me will leave you feeling relaxed, loose and ready to take on whatever life hands you. We can together come up with a personalized plan to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. I work with the overweight, grumpy, skinny, funny, self-conscious, bald, fuzzy, green, blue, flexible and the stiff. All I need is a body, and a mind ready for change to make this work. 

Are you in?


Mandy Wozniak