I have a pretty good (?) history of depression. It rears it’s ugly head and grips me tight, and all I want to do is curl up in a cool, dark room and sleep. Since that is really not a realistic thing for a mom of 4, my default modes normally look like this…eating foods that I know will not serve me (lots and lots of coffee), drinking larger amounts of alcohol and skipping my exercise and meditation. All of these things being the opposite of what it takes to make me feel better.

How do you wiggle into yoga pants, make a green juice, do yoga and sit, when you can’t even stand to be awake. Upright. Out of bed? Let me tell you the key. PREVENTION. Prevention is key.

Continuing to meditate, do yoga, exercise and drink your green juice. Do the things that make you feel good. Take hot scented baths, get pedicures, walk barefoot on the grass. There is this buzz word “Self Care”, it’s trendy, it’s true. Care for yourself like you would care for a loved one.

Speak to yourself with positive language, take naps, dance in the kitchen. Spend time with those you love. With those who make you laugh. The people that make your soul shine, seek them out, and play.

While this is no easy cure, no fast fix. It is the way to start. If you spend your “happy” time being CONTENT. If you spend it loving life, showing gratitude, and exuding light. Then when the dark hits, it will be easier for you to remember the things that help. It will be easier to retrain your default modes.

I still resort back to my old modes from time to time, but I have to say, while drinking lots and lots of coffee, I still sneak in sips of green juice.

*If you know or love someone that suffers from depression, be a listening ear, meet them for a walk or sit outside and chat. Getting out and in the sunshine can make a world of difference. Having support is imperative when you need external help.

*Also, if you know someone that isn’t dealing at all and the default modes have all dried up,

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is

24 hours everyday 1 800 273-8255

**I am not a doctor and all statements by me are based on personal experience and evolution, and are in NO way a substitute to medical treatment.